Friday, 16 December 2011


I used to be a bit of a ‘list freak’ and could only operate during the day if I had a list, perfectly written, with no mistakes and clean uncrinkled paper. Sometimes, I would write my list out 3 or 4 times, until it was perfect, and of course, you have to put the ticks on the left of the writing so you can see them properly, and cross each job out with up and down lines, not side to side ones. Ady would then piss me off by putting 7/10, must try harder, at the bottom.
Then the girls came along and would scribble on my lists, with flipping crayon, so I stopped doing them altogether.

Now they are older, and Ady has grown up a bit, I am back to my lists, thank goodness!
I love nothing more than having A4 paper and nice pens to do a good list on!
As Christmas is getting nearer, I am sorting out Betty and Brian and making sure they have everything ready for the festive season when the families take over for a while. I like to make sure they have their cupboards stocked and plenty of medication in, that sort of thing.

Bugger, I can’t remember why I am telling you this now, oh well, let’s talk about teeth and perhaps it will come back to me....

Now, if you have been paying attention, you will remember that I wrote about Ady’s tooth and swollen face. Well, it so happened, that I got a bit of tooth ache where they told me one of my fillings had fractured a few months ago.
“Brilliant”, I thought to myself. “Time for a bit of sympathy for ME for a change”.
I started moaning and groaning about my tooth, and holding my face. I made me an appointment to have the filling re done.“Well, Mrs ***, he is rather busy” The receptionist said “ Can you come in in a week?”, so a week it was, but if it got worse, then I could ring again.
Well, can you flipping believe it....Ady, then decided that the tooth that was next to the tooth that had been pulled out, was hurting...and hurting a lot. This was on the Friday...well, HE rings the dentist and of course she says to him “Oh dear Adrian, you poor thing, can you get here first thing on Monday morning? But if you can’t manage, then we can try and fit you in today”....Bloody cheek!!

He munched his way through painkillers over the weekend and on Monday morning, I dropped him off at the dentist.
About an hour later, he rang to ask me to pick him up. I have to say, he didn’t sound very well...
He told me that he has never felt pain like it. Usually, he sleeps his way through any dental treatment, but this time, they had to scrape him off the ceiling while they were pulling his tooth out!
The dentist said that she thought it didn’t feel right when she took the one next to it out. She said that it was cracked down to the bone (they were both crowns) and had a bit of a job getting it out. She also put stitches in him gum.
Poor Ady, we went off to get his antibiotics and dropped into the doctors to pick up another sick note for the benefits people, and I took him home.
He was standing in the kitchen, taking his tablets, in terrible agony, saying “I don’t deserve this, I just don’t deserve any of this at all”
I felt quite sorry for him actually, and thought it best not to mention my tooth ache.

Things must have been bad in the dentist chair that morning because his dentist rang later in the day to check he was OK as she felt she had put him through a bit of an ordeal....I still didn’t mention my tooth...

So this week, he has been wandering around and randomly shoving his mouth in my face saying “Do these stitches look alright to you Em?.....Look, one is dangling down..shall I pull it?” *sigh*

Later that afternoon, I had a call from Iain Duncan Smiths office, which has reminded me about my lists.

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