Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Not Long To Go !

Well, after having his prostate chopped out, his pelvic innerds fried and his testosterone blasted, Ady finally finishes the Casodex in a couple of weeks on 1st August.
Thank God for that cos all we hear about these days are his sore man boobs and his excuse for everything he does wrong is “Well it’s my hormones!”
In fact, the other day, I came in from looking after my elderly man in the evening and the girls were upstairs doing their homework or so they say, so I shouted “Hellooooo, anyone hooome”. Silence....so I shouted again.
I’m not sure what homework involves using headphones full of music in your ears, but hey, what do I know!!
Then I heard some sort of grunting sound from the sitting room. The sort of grunting sound only men make when they have been woken up, then a “Hello”
So I said back “Everything OK?”
He replied “Hello....hello.....oh bugger”
I thought to myself, ‘That’s it, Ady has lost the plot, finally...the end is coming’
I went into the sitting room to find that Ady had fallen asleep on the phone mid conversation to his brother. According to Dick (his brother) he was busy chatting away and realised that Ady wasn’t replying, and then heard snoring...he tried shouting at him down the phone but ended up hanging up. ‘Must have been a riveting conversation then’, I chuckled to myself.
Ady blames it on his hormones, and Dick believes him. I’m not getting involved!

Oooh, I must tell you a bit more about my choir I joined. I did tell you a bit about it a few blogs back, so I will try not to bore you too much, but....I was asked to do a flash choir a town or two away. Oh Em Gee, it was SUCH fun!!
We had secret meetings for a few weeks on Tuesdays to practice our songs, which was A Stevie Wonder number ‘I just called to say I love you’ and that Jar of Hearts song by whatshername.
Then, on the Saturday, we went off to Waitrose. There were about 30 of us altogether. The manager was in on it by the way and we dotted ourselves around the shop.
I hung around the fruit and veg with my friends Gill and Maria who are both as mad as hatters.
Our cue was an announcement on the tannoy for a Mr Wonder to come to customer services and then we started with Stevies number, walking through the shops singing to as many men as we could and ended with the Jar of Hearts one by the cafe.
Ady and the girls refused to come and watch cos they said it would be too embarrassing, cheeky buggers.
It is something I will remember for a long time and just brilliant fun!
We are setting up a travelling flash choir, so be careful people, I could be singing in a shop near you !!!

Now, another thing I must tell you about, is my allotment!
Oh my goodness, this is another thing that’s SUCH fun. I am growing SO many things!!
We have been eating lots of new potatoes and salad. My cucumbers are the biggest I have ever seen, and my tomatoes are coming along nicely.
I have managed to grow lots of strawberries and raspberries too. In fact the other day for pudding, we had chewy in the middle meringues that I made with Daisy and Matilda’s eggs, with raspberries and strawberries from the allotment and cream.....from one stop up the road.
As Steph is allergic to apples, pears, plums and cherries, I thought I would grow her some nice peppers. She loves peppers!
I was really chuffed with myself as I watched them grow in their growbags in my greenhouse. Especially as I grew them from seed.
I thought to myself ‘bloody hell, I’m getting really good at this allotment lark!’

In fact, I was so chuffed with all my watering, weeding and growings, especially my peppers, that I made Ady come down to look.
As I was wandering around, generally surveying all my growings, I heard Ady say “What the bloody hell have you got cabbages growing in here for?”
“What are you talking about” I said “ My cabbages are over there, next to my broccoli”
“No” he said “I mean these cabbages here in the greenhouse”
“Oh dont be stupid, they are peppers” I said “I’m growing them for Steph”

“In all my years of gardening, woman, I have never seen a pepper plant look like a cabbage!”
“Well” I said, “It said peppers on the packet, so they are peppers”
“You should have gone to spec savers then” and promptly threw my cabbages out of the greenhouse!! Can you bloody believe it!! Four of them!!
The poor things, that were doing so well, are now outside and Ady went off the next day to buy me some pepper plants.
“These are what peppers look like” He said. I spose the leaves are a bit smaller, and the more the cabbages grow, the more cabbagy they look, but I’m not telling Ady !

I didn’t realise that cucumbers grow quite so many cucumbers on each plant. I thought they only grew one or two per plant, so I bought five plants. Christ, I am awash with cucumbers!!
And what with my six tomato plants, it’s a bit of a squeeze in my greenhouse. Then I decided to buy a melon plant for £2.99 in Lidl. Bloody hell, I didn’t realise that that grows all over the place with hooky twine things and everything. Blimey, if each flower make a melon, we will all end up with the chronic shits after a week !

Never mind, my peas are in the freezer all ready for Christmas J

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Ebay, Casodex and The Post Office

The other week, I met up with some forum/facebook  friends for lunch. We all drove an hour and a half and met in the middle, which made it Cambridge I think...anyway, they all complained to me that I haven’t been updating my blog and how rude am I.
They complained that they have had to wade through the misery with me and they have sat on the edge of their seats waiting for each update and now everything has come to a comer/stop, I haven’t bothered updating.
I did feel momentarily bad about that and didn’t realise people were still wanting to know what is going on, even if it isn’t about hospital appointments and stuff.
I clicked on my blog, and realised that loads of people are still clicking on it to have a read, which I have to say, I am quite surprised about really, cos I think I am quite boring, wittering on about me myself and I and a little bit about Ady and the girls!
So, if you are interested, then keep reading and if you aren’t, then what the bloody hell are you doing reading this anyway!

Now then, let me rewind my brain back to the last time I updated.......OK, I must sort some pictures of Daisy and Matilda. They are very good girls and lay us an egg each every day!

As you probably know, Ady likes his model trains and he has got a whole thing going on in the loft. Every September, he goes off with his train chums to Milton Keynes, I think it is, on a big exhibition thing where they can buy the latest in choo choos.
Ady usually takes a load of money he gets for his birthday with him to have a spend up, and the last two years, he has said that it would probably be the last time he would be able to go cos he keeps getting diagnosed with cancer around that time.
Anyway, this year, so far, touch wood, he is cancerless and he is looking forward to going. We agreed that we dont have the money this year, so he agreed that he would sell some of his old stock and get the money that way.
He gathered up what he wanted to sell and rang a man in a train shop who offered to give him £130 for his trains. Ady was happy with that and sent them off.
A week or so later, Ady’s cousin rang and said that he could see Ady’s trains for sale on Ebay, going for two or three times the price he got for them.
Ady had a whole load more that he wanted to sell and I said that I would try and suss how you go about selling them on Ebay ourselves.
Blimey, it’s a whole new world out there!!
I am having great fun, taking photos of his trains and putting it all on Ebay and watching people bid on them and then wrapping them into Christmas presents to send off. Ady is very happy cos he is making so much more money...he is practically clearing the loft out!
And his cousin and his friend are now getting me to sell their stuff for them too.
I have been sending things first class recorded, like you do and I had been merrily going to the post office myself and doing it, but then I decided that Ady could do the post office trips.
The post was costing £3.65 to send, so I was charging £4.00 to include the envelope and bubble wrap.
So off Ady went (still on his casodex and a muddled mind like a sieve) to the post office with his parcels.
“Blimey” He said “That was expensive to post, it cost £6.85”
“What do you mean £6.85, it should have been £3.65.....did you sent it special delivery?”
“No” he said “I sent it registered, like you told me to”
“No” I said back “I said to send it RECORDED...no wonder it has cost so much!”

So the next week, I sent him again and told him to make sure he sends is recorded and not registered.
He also had to get some bread and milk this time.....He rang me from the village and checked that it was to be sent recorded and not registered, and I agreed.
He came back home with the bread and milk and said “Thats still bloody expensive you know Em, it was still £6.85”
I said “Well what did you ask for?”..He said “Registered, like you said”
I shan’t repeat what I said back to him on here, needless to say that he has been sacked from his post office duties.