Thursday, 19 January 2012


Blimey, there are never enough hours in the day is there.
Only five minutes ago, the oncologist appointment was next year, and now all of a sudden, its next week!!...that’s a bit of a scarey thought actually.

My friend from Iain Duncan Smith’s office rang me at the New Year; too see how things were going. She told me that I can appeal the compensation amount for the utter shambles, but firstly, I can’t be bothered and secondly, it was never about the compensation, we just wanted things sorted so we could claim for what we were entitled to.
Oooh, this brings me nicely onto the DLA claim (oh and I mustn’t forget to mention the mortgage too). You know I told you that I have filled out the war and peace novel claim form back in December and that I was doubtful that we would get anything,,,,well I was right.
They have turned us down for the lot. I can appeal their decision *yawn sigh* and at first, I thought nah, I just can’t be bothered, everything has been such a bloody battle, I am tired of it.
But I am one of those people who hate injustice, and hate it when people haven’t listened to me or not  read the form properly and so have got completely the wrong end of the stick. They were telling me that Ady can do things when I know he can’t. That pisses me off, so I am in the middle of writing my appeal letter. Lets see how that goes eh.
On a brighter side, the mortgage claim, which I was dreading, actually turned out to be the easiest thing to do. Within a week or so, it was all sorted!
They only wrote to me once, asking me to clarify the amount of our mortgage with a yes or no answer. The thought of having to go through the 0845 number, or composing a letter, filled me with dread, so I thought to myself “Hmmm, I know, I will see if my new BFF (best friend forever) from Iain D S office will pass a message as she must surely have a hotline number to these people” Well, thank blooming God, she was more than happy to!
So job done, and we get £100. a month towards our mortgage. That’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!

Just a minute, I’ve just got to get my list of things I want to talk about and cross them off as I go.....

Right,well, I spose I had better talk about Ady..
Poor sod had his steroid injection for all his aches and pains from the bones man (I can’t spell rheumatologist, so we call him the bones man). That lasted all of about 3 to four weeks, and the pain has come back worse than ever.
Ady says that he doesn’t want another one, cos although it eases the pain, it doesn’t do it for long and it messes with his diabeties,and also when it wears off, it is agony!
He has been a bloody nightmare over Christmas with his teeth. Because he had to have two pulled out, he has been waiting for his new plate to be made. What with fitting and wotnot, it has taken a good few weeks. So he has been using his old plate with not so many teeth on it. He has looked a right old gappy mess and especially because the front one kept snapping off, and no, it was nothing to do with my cooking, and so he spent every other day super gluing it back on! Thank God the new plate has arrived and he can put the glue away!
You remember that windy weather we had?, well, the silly sod decided to check the roof to the chicken house was OK, because Ady being Ady, decided that it might not be. I’m not too sure what exactly happened cos I was out at work at the time but he tells me he fell arse over bollocks and landed on a log. I will put a picture of his bruise at the end.
Charlotte took a picture cos I am useless with cameras and have been taking pictures without the card in the slot thing and I don’t know how to get the pictures from the camera onto the card. That is why I have been promising pictures and then not doing them!
So anyway, I am wondering if I should speak to our GP and get his Thyroxine dose lowered, or just do it anyway. That way, he will spend all day asleep and keeping himself out of trouble!
The next thing that worries me is that I had flu at 2.45 last Tuesday. It was gone by 7pm the next day. You can bet your fat cellulite ridden arse (thanks Dubs) that he will get pneumonia any minute now!

What a flipping shame,but I think my netball days might be finally over.
My ankle still isn’t right, and in fact, I think I have buggered up the other foot while compensating for my ankle.
Ady, the cheeky git said “Well, it will never get better with all that weight it has to carry”. This was a couple of weeks ago that I was moaning, and I haven’t spoken to him since. In fact, I even laughed when he showed me his bruise.
I can’t wear high heels at all now. Well, I never could apparently. I have been told that I walk like Dick Emery when I wear them, so perhaps it’s a good thing that I can’t.

Next week, we have the oncologists appointment. Oh blimey noras. It’s getting a bit scary now and Ady is not sleeping well at all!
But at least we will know what is going on and when radiotherapy will start.
The week after, we see the trials people to see if they are going to turn him into a menopausal woman and give him hormone therapy. God help us all.
At least we are still in the zero club J


  1. No pic of your tankle then...?

  2. Dub, you know very well that it isn't all about me!!!