Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A House Full Of Women.

Cor, one minute, you are sitting around thinking, “hmmm, the next lot of treatment is not until next year”, and then the next minute, suddenly, next year is here, without a word of warning, and then, blimey, the treatment is decided and so the next stage of the journey begins!

Ady is going to enjoy six months of hormone therapy by way of Casodex and  Tamoxifen and four weeks of radiotherapy.
The Casodex is going to stop his testosterone from doing its thing and the Tamoxifen is going to hopefully stop him from growing a pair of boobs, God help us all!
Naturally, we call them his womanly tablets.
The oncologist said that she was going to fax our Drs Surgery straight away, to ask them to do a prescription.
I rang on Monday, to ask if they had it and they said to ring back in the afternoon, or on Tuesday. So I rang back on Tuesday. Nothing is ever straightforward and so of course, they hadn’t received a fax. *sigh*
They suggested that I ring the oncologist’s secretary to make sure she had actually faxed, and used the correct number.
I thought to myself “This is another fecking morning gone, having to deal with complete numptydom” and I rummaged through the ‘Oncology file’ (ive got lots of called colon, one called Bones, another called Benefits, another called prostate and because WHSmith do them in packs of five, the last one is named misc) and found the secretaries number.
I left a very polite message and asked her to call me back. I put the phone down and immediately realised that I hadn’t given her a number to ring me back on. That will teach me to think everyone is a numpty apart from me!
Bless her, she did ring back and told me that she had just faxed again, so if I ring the surgery back, they should have it.
So I rang the surgery, and the receptionist popped upstairs to check, and yes, they had got it and she would deal with it so we could pick it up.
This morning, we picked up the prescription and he has just taken his first womanly tablet. Hopefully, he will be multitasking by tomorrow.
At the same time all the phone calls were happening back and forth, the postman delivered a letter from the hospital with all the dates and times of radiotherapy. Everything all happened at once, but anyway, radiotherapy starts on 22nd February.
We go next Monday to have a mapping scan or some such thing and to talk to some people about it all. I will let you know more when we have been.

I have told Ady that one of the many side effects of Casodex  is short term memory loss and confusion, as well as fatigue and things.
Well, last Sunday, he had arranged for our friends Kathy and Roy to come for Sunday lunch. “They will be here at 3 o’clock” he said.
I did a roast chicken with all the stuff you do with a roast chicken and I had planned for everything to be ready in between 3.30 and 3.45. It came to 3.15 and I was wanting to turn the veg on or the roast potatoes would over do and Kathy and Roy hadn’t turned up yet which is unlike them so I asked Ady if he was sure that it was 3 o’clock that they were coming.
“Oh, well perhaps it was 4.30 then”
“WHAT”, I said.
“Well” he said, “You did say those tablets will make me confused”
I gave him one of my looks and said “You haven’t started fecking well taking them yet” .
Just in the nick of time, there was a knock at the door and Kathy and Roy had arrived.
Ady is still alive and I have now told him that actually I was lying and none of his tablets have ANY side effects whatsoever!

I said to the girls in the car on the way to school this morning that Ady is starting his womanly tablets today and that he may feel fatigued and need to sleep a lot and not to worry if he is being a bit odd for a while.
They both laughed and said that they probably won’t notice any difference cos he is always tired and asleep and he is mad anyway. So the girls are coping well.
So in a nutshell, everything is normal here J

We are Emma, Ady, Charlotte and Stephanie and we live at
Prostateless Avenue,

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