Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Three more days done.

On Monday, it was Andy’s turn to do the hospital run.
The girls are loving being taken to school every morning..we might as well cos we are going past every day and they dont really like getting the bus, but Ady’s appointment on Monday was changed to 12.40. Luckily for the girls, I was still passing in the morning  cos I had to give my elderly lady I look after a bath.
The girls were pretty loud in the car and very happy, singing away and making jokes. As I dropped them off, I reminded the about their bus passes for the bus home, and Charlotte happily announced that she had forgotten hers and so I will have to pick them up too.
I agreed to that, knowing Charlotte had probably forgotten it on purpose, but I had other plans!
I think Charlotte was a bit pissed off when Ady and Andy delivered her pass to school later on in the morning on the way to hospital, so she had to get the bus after all!..cheeky little monkey!
Anyway, Andy and Ady merrily went off, like tweedle dum and tweedle dee with my strict instructions about what time to start drinking.  We had completely lost our benefit scroungers freebie parking ticket, so Ady also had strict instructions about getting another one of those too. They left at 11.30, by which time I was back from bathing my lady. I thought to myself, right I am going to have a nice sit down for a minute or two, and relax.
I made myself a nice cup of coffee and as I sat down, I looked around the dining room and noticed Ady had left his blue hospital shoe things behind *sigh*..I tell you, these men are bloody hopeless at times!
Never mind, Ady got some more at the hospital. All went well and on time and they were back home in the afternoon, just in time to have a sleep while watching Dickensons Real Deal, God help us all!....Christ, he will discover Loose Women next and thank the Lord his appointments usually run when Jeremy’s Vile show is on!

Tuesday was Roy’s day. The girls like Roy taking them to school cos his car has heated seats and brilliant suspension, unlike my little Ignis where the suspension is as small as the car and only has 3 doors.
That all went well too although the TV said they were running half an hour late when they were running five minutes. Usually, that sort of thing is not a problem, but when you are trying to time your bladder and piss, 25 minutes makes a huge difference! But it’s no biggie and all went well.
Ady is getting up much more in the night for a wee now, and in fact, last Sunday, he got up five times in the night...I’m flipping knackered!

Now, I get really fed up of thinking two or three times a day “ Oh sigh, what shall I cook for dinner tonight” and then go through a whole load of things that I can be bothered to cook and what will defrost quickly and wishing I had decided the day before so I could defrost the meat in time. The whole thinking process and sighing that goes with it, takes up a lot of my day, so I decided that I would do a menu for the week, so all I now have to do is sigh and think once a week. Everyone knows what they are eating so I am not constantly questioned and then moaned at cos they dont want that and can they have this instead. I refuse to cook four different meals to please everyone every evening, so they get what is put on their plate and like it, unless me and Charlotte want curry, then they others can have eggs on toast.
I am so full of shite that instead of writing for Monday pork chops mash and veg, I wrote ‘Slow roasted pork chops in a rich gravy with tender carrots, creamy mashed potatoes, French beans and petit pois.
And instead of sausages chips and beans, I have written ‘ locally produces sausages (well, Sainsburys is local innit), French fries and succulent baked beans in a rich tomato sauce.
The kids love it and think they are in a hotel and I love it cos I know what I am doing all week now and shop accordingly. I am saving miwyons!

Today was Diana’s turn to do the hospital run. Ady’s appointment was at 10 to 10, so enough time to drop the girls to school, get to the hospital and have coffee and scones. Hmm, do people call them scones or sconns? The spelling speaks for itself to me. Anyway, they had a good run through and even all the lights were green, so Ady has decided that he will go with Diana more often! There were even spaces in the oncology parking area..that’s never happened before!
Ady said it was lovely chatting to Diana and they talked nonstop all the way there and back although I am sure if I ask Diana, she will tell me the truth,and that Ady talked nonstop all the way there and back!
Ady was called in ten minutes early for his zapping and I expect the nurses were really chuffed that they were running early.
There are two zapping rooms, one is LA5 and the other is LA6 and today Ady was in LA6. When he had finished his days zapping, no one helped if off the bed like they usually do. He says it is a really hard bed to get off, so he put his hands on the side of the bed to try and  pull himself up. He didn’t realise there were a load of buttons just under the bed, which of course he pressed while he was trying to grip. The silly bugger only switched the whole thing off and buggered it up so much that they had to get the engineer to come and fix it.
Luckily Ady had been zapped, so he made his apologies, found Diana who was happily watching the news and told her to hurry up cos he had just broken the machine!
They got home safely and I think the radiotherapy is taking its toll now. He has belly ache and is really knackered. At the moment, he is fast asleep on the sofa. Bless him.

I bet they are running late this afternoon!!

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  1. Hope all this is complete now and you can enjoy Easter - missing your humour and determination. Please let us have an update soon.