Sunday, 13 May 2012

Daisy and Matilda.

Ady was really really miserable about losing Bluebell and Pepper and I have to say, our house was very quiet without them.
Ady told me that he would cheer up a lot of he could have some more chickens. His little girls had kept his spirits up all through his bowel cancer and were helping him through his prostate cancer, so we agreed that he could have some more.
He found a place nearby that was selling some, and we were able to go the next day to collect them.
Well, Ady cheered up in an instant and off he went outside to the run to do a few more ‘Tom and Jerry’ efforts on it, just to make quite sure that My fox couldn’t get in.
I had to tell him at one point that if he carries on with the hammer and nails, then none of us will be able to get in!
The girls noticed Ady’s new upbeat mood and suggested that they would be equally happy if they could have a dog...a nice rescue one. I thought that would be a nice idea and had visions of us all going on nice walks as a family like they do on adverts, so me and the girls looked some up on the internet.
We printed off a picture of one we liked and showed it to Ady. Well, he can’t keep a happy mood for long that one, and told us in no uncertain terms that if we got a dog then he wouldn’t have the new chickens and he would get rid of the cats, oh, and the hamsters would have to go to, and we would have to walk it cos there is no way that he is swinging warm dog shit around in a bag. He wasn’t happy at all as it happens.

So Ady won the battle and we picked up Daisy and Matilda the next day. Ady has put himself a chair in the run with them and sits there just watching them and doing his thing..whatever that is..
Our new girls are very cute and friendly and they lay us two eggs every day. Good girls!
I will do a picture of them when I take one!

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