Sunday, 25 November 2012

Steph's day Out

Steph has always been a bit of a singer and is one of those girls who wants to be famous.
She spends a lot of her time on her keyboard, looking up on the internet how to play it. I used to teach her the piano when she was younger, but we had to get rid of it cos it took up too much room and was a bit noisy for the neighbours!
The teachers at her school have noticed she has a bit of talent in this area and are giving her free singing and keyboard lessons which Steph is just thrilled about!
I noticed on Facebook, that a company called Audio Sorcery were doing a competition to win a Gift Daze singing experience. Oooh did my eyes light up !!
All you had to do was ‘like’ the page and at the end of the month, they would pick a winner. I decided that with our luck, there was no way that we would win if it was down to me, so I got to work on all my facebook friends and asked them all to ‘like’ the page thus entering them into the competition. That was everyone was a winner, the company got lots of ‘likes’ and Steph had more chance of winning.
The end of the month came, and my lovely friend Sal won the competition and gave it to Steph. Bless Steph, she was jumping up and down with excitement. Charlotte, on the other hand couldn’t think of a worse torture!
Carol messaged me on Facebook to say she had been told about our traumas and said that instead of having the two song prize, she was going to up it to five songs with a couple of free CDs !!
Oh My God, I dont know what to write now, except to say that not only was Ady pissing himself cos of his surgery, but now Steph was too with pure excitement!

I rang Paul (I think Carol does the advertising and videoing bit and Paul and Dale do the musical recording bit) and he was lovely. Steph was booked in for October half term. In the mean time, they sent her a CD with hints and tips on how to practice her songs, so off she went to practice...a lot.

Steph decided that she needed a posh frock to look the part cos after all, she is going to do some proper recording and I decided that no, she jolly well doesn’t, trousers and a top will do just fine thank you very much!
Poor Steph decided that I was going to ruin her day cos she ‘had nothing to wear’ *sigh*. That girl has a room full of clothes, yet she never has anything to wear....
She did eventually find something to wear, and decided that she was glad she didn’t buy a dress cos perhaps that would have been a bit over the top. I didn’t like to tell her that mother knows best, I will leave her to suss that one herself.

So, the day finally came, and off we went. It is just outside Tunbridge Wells. Frant, actually.
We got to the studios, not very sure what to expect, and we were greeted by Paul, who was a very cheerful chappy who made you feel very welcome indeed and he showed us into the green room, which had green things in....
I was expecting to have to sit in a waiting room on an uncomfortable chair or something waiting for three hours, but no, there was a lovely sink your bum in sofa and a kitchen to make coffee.
Dale was recording Steph, and  he actually asked me if I wanted to come into the studio to watch it all! Brilliant, I thought, what fun. Steph thought he was really pushing his luck when he asked if we wanted to do a duet though.
Dale was brilliant, he really was. Steph was nervous at first but he was very reassuring and praised her singing and she very soon got into the swing of it.
Time flew very quickly and Steph had recorded her five songs.
She sang Adeles someone like you and Make you feel my love, she sang Valerie by Amy whatsername, Beautiful by Christina I cant spell her last name and Man who cant be moved by that bloke on ‘The Voice’...erm....Script or something..never heard of them myself.
Steph had a really fantastical time and she has decided to sell her CDs for £5.00 and is sending the money to The Pickering centre in Tunbridge Wells who have really helped us along the way.
She may be a teenage madam at times but she has a heart of gold that one.

My little Steph has quite a soulful voice but if you want to hear it, then you will have to buy the CD yourself!! All proceeds to charity !!

I want to plug Gift Daze because they couldn’t have been nicer. They didn’t have to give us what they did and it’s not often you have a company that thinks of people before their profits!
And whats more, the CD is very professionally done!!
Thank you Carol, Paul and Dale. Steph had the best day and it will be something she will remember for ever. I know what to get her for next years birthday now!!

If you want to have a sing song and have a recording experience, they do all sorts, parties and everything, I fully recommend this company, they were absolutely brilliant!!

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