Sunday, 13 January 2013


Now it is 2013, I am going to be REALLY organised.
I sort of think that this year is going to be quite settled...hopefully, and that we are going to settle into our ‘new normal’..well, I hope so long as the people at the DWP don’t decide that Ady is suddenly fit for work and they stop the benefits and then we have to appeal and that goes on for months on end, which the whole thing could well do as I can’t remember if I told you that they want to do a review to see if he is better or not. Well, it is obvious that he is completely unfit for work, but let’s see.
I had to fill out another ESA form and have it sent back by 11th December last year...well Sue from Perennial did actually, when she came to see us...poor woman, I bet she wishes I never rang that day lol. She is great and I wouldn’t be without her now!
Anyway, so hopefully, the decision maker will simply agree that he is not fit for work and keep him in the support group of ESA. If she disagrees or is undecided, then we have to go for a medical with ATOS (gawd help us) and they are months behind with them, so that won’t be until the spring, and then they usually decide even people with no arms and no legs are fit for work, so then we would have to appeal, which will take months too...bloody hell, it could possibly be quite a shit year actually thinking about it, but, let’s not borrow trouble until it comes, eh, and so far, I am planning on it being a settled and organised year.

Financially wise, I am very chuffed with myself!
My chappy I look after in the community loves beetroot from a jar...lots of it, so I saved about five of them.
I have labelled one ‘food’, one ‘petrol and repairs’, one ‘clothes’ one ‘Christmas and Birthdays’ and of course you have to have a ‘misc’ one. Each week, I draw the money from the bank and put certain amounts in each.
I am very strict with the food and petrol ones cos you can easily over spend with those, so whatever is in the jars is what there is to spend for the week and no more. The rest of the money stays in the bank to pay the bills.
I have decided not to use credit cards and just use cash so that when it is gone it is gone.
It’s a good thing for the girls to learn as well. They can see the Christmas/Birthdays jar building up and they are learning that if you can’t afford it then you don’t have it until you have saved. Borrowing money is simply not the way to go about things, especially when you have to do strict accounting with very little!
I have even tidied my desk and nearly done all of my paperwork too, so I am going to do that as the postman brings it each day...hopefully.
And I am going to do this blog weekly so I don’t have so much to catch up on and forget half of what I want to say!

There are loads of bits and pieces that I forget to tell you, cos I have to sit quietly while I am writing and I dont often get the opportunity for that, but my new organised self is going to make time!
Bloody hell, I am like this every flipping year and say the same old crap...*sigh*

Right, in the next blogette, I am going to tell you about Ady’s injections and how they are going. I also want to do one about Ady’s brain and what is going on in there, but that one might take me a while cos that one will need lots of composing...there’s a lot going on in there... and I might even get Ady to sit with me while I write it...yep, could take a while...
I also want to tell you about our visit to our lovely GP between Christmas and the New year....he didn’t want to worry us, but we might have another cancer on the go...these days it’s like talking about the price of eggs and bacon, no big deal, and anyway, I would have said about it earlier, if I had realised what a rogue ulcer on the scalp was.

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