Thursday, 20 October 2011


Do you remember my blog about my serious accident I had while on piss bag duty? You know, the one where I bloke all of my bones, with blood and guts everywhere?. The one where I got NO sympathy...none at all...none....?
Well, I knew I should have had SOME sympathy, because the other day, on my toe that was particularly painful, my toenail came off. Not just the end of it, but right from the cuticle! I KNEW I had hurt myself in a very serious and grave way but I have struggled on regardless...without sympathy or a limp.
The temperature seems to have dropped a bit lately, but thanks to Sue and Jennie, we are lovely and warm with our open fire. The heating only comes on when the temperature drops below 17 degrees so the rest of the house is not too freezing. It’s a bit like rugging horses. If you rug them too heavily or too early at the beginning of the winter months, then they will feel the cold more easily when the real winter gets here, so you have to pile more rugs on to keep them warm. Start with the heating down low, get used to it and when the really cold weather gets here, you don’t have to turn it up too much!

Yesterday, the postman arrived with a bubble wrapped envelope addressed to me. I thought to myself, hmmm, I haven’t ordered anything, how odd. I opened it, and inside, was a really lovely little guardian angel!
I love all things angelic, crystal, spiritualistic and homeopathic, so what a really lovely and thoughtful gift.! There was no note or clue as to who sent it to me. I would love to thank you in person, whoever you are, but you will have to let me know who you are so I can!
My angel is hanging in our dining room (the room mostly used) and is guarding our whole family J Thank you so very much !!

Now, I can’t let a blog pass by without mentioning piss, as this seems to be the hot topic of discussion in our house these days!
I noticed that the bathroom floor had been mopped the other day. I thought to myself,’ bimey, I must be losing the plot here, I don’t remember doing that!’
Ady then told me that he was sat on the loo earlier having a poo and wee. While he was doing his...erm....stuff, he looked down and thought to himself ‘where the bloody hell is my piss going?’ and then he realised that he had pissed all over the goddamn floor!
Ive told him that he has no control over that thing anymore, and he will have to aim better and concentrate on where it is pointing! He just laughs and says how unnatural it all is...too bloody right, I say.
Ady is OK when he is concentrating on his continence, but when he sneezes, he pisses himself and when he coughs he pisses himself, and when he laughs too much too.
The other day, Ady and I took the primary school kids for their first football and netball match. He found that he was concentrating so much on what the kids were doing, that he forgot to concentrate on himself, and realised that he was dribbling constantly!
It’s really good for Ady to get involved and coach the boys. He loves it and it builds his strength up and takes his mind off his cancer for a while. Even when they do lose 5-0 and my netball girls win 9-1 !!

I am very pleased to report, that it has only taken about a week (they told me two) for the council to write to us and award us council tax benefit for the full amount. In the letter, they even said that they were pleased to award it!
Full marks to Kent County Council for polite and helpful staff with efficient service! Perhaps the benefits people should take note, cos I haven’t heard back from them since I sent in my accounts the other week!

Our lovely neighbourly district nurse has been round this morning to take Ady’s blood for his first post op PSA test. The waiting isn’t too long, we will get the results on Monday afternoon, in time for the oncologist on Tuesday. Our fingers are firmly crossed that it comes back at 0.1 or under. That will mean his PSA is undetectable and no further treatment for the moment. If it comes back as detectable, well.....lets cross that bridge when we get to it.

Just one last thing before I go.
We have been so busy with piss and prostates, we have completely forgotten to worry about crap and colons!!
It is a year since Ady had colon cancer and today was his CT scan to check it hasn’t come back. In fact, it was this time last year, that we were rejoicing about Adys first poo and being allowed out of hospital!
We trundled back to the new all singing all dancing hospital. I know I have said that I will be by Ady’s side every step of the way, but it is bloody boring sitting there for two flaming hours, so I did sneak off to Costa Coffee down the corridor. I won’t be doing that again with those prices...I will take me a flask !!
I’m not sure how we get the results so I shall make enquiries.
He also has to have a vat of blood taken next week. One of them is a fasting one, so no food for 14 hours or something like that, I will have to see what the letter says, and also his DMARD for his arthritis, the one for his colon cancer and one for something else...Oh I am sure they have it all written down!

We are Emma, Ady, Charlotte and Stephanie and we live at

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