Monday, 24 October 2011

The Weekend.

Last Friday, I went to do my school lunches duty and Ady came too, to get him out of the house. I am only there about an hour and a half, and that is just enough for Ady to manage at the moment, before the colour drains from his face and he needs a sleep. He enjoys wandering around encouraging the kids to eat their vegetables and telling the boys that greens will put hairs on their chest, so make sure they eat lots !(He is SO un pc, but the kids think he is great!).
I was in the kitchen doing the washing up, when Jo, one of the mothers came in with an envelope. She gave it to me and said “ Emma, this is for you and Ady, as a big thank you for all you both do for our children with the netball and football clubs. We know your children are not at school anymore, and we really appreciate the time and effort you give when you don’t have to”
I opened the envelope, and behind our backs, the mums had done a collection for us and given us a Sainsburys voucher for £100.00 !!!! and they had all signed the card with their thanks!
It is really lovely to be appreciated for doing something you enjoy, so thank you mothers for your kindness and generosity. I did immediately think, ‘Brill, I can get lots of wine and fags with that’, and then realised that perhaps that wasn’t what they had in mind, so instead, we are going to put it towards our Christmas shopping, which isn’t too far away!. Thank you J
When I get a moment, I will take pictures of our card, guardian angel and my toenail and put them on here.
On Friday evening, I received a text from our friends (some of the people Ady works for, have turned into good friends).
Within the message, they told me to go onto Tesco dot com, gave me their password and email address and the last three digits of their card, and told me to do a £200.00 shop with their love and don’t forget to get plenty  of wine!. They told me I must do it that evening and if I didn’t, then the wife would do one and god only knows what food we would get!
So, with a lot of messages back and forth, with our thanks and gratitude and there telling us to shut up and get on with it (they were out for dinner at the time and drinking lots of Gin!), I went to log on and found the email address was wrong. Eventually, I got the right address and spent over an hour doing shopping. I got to about £75. And thought, blimey, I don’t know what else to buy...I filled it up with lots of washing powder, loo rolls, Tena 2 for men, floor cleaner and wine. I managed to spend about £180.00. I got to the checkout bit to put the three digits in (they said the card number was stored) and found that the number wasn’t actually stored at all!
It was such a nice thought and a really trusting thing to do, although it went completely tits up!.
As I am typing this, they just rang to say that the order had been saved and when would we like it delivered?
We really are truly blessed with some smashing and kind, thoughtful people in our lives! It makes us  feel very lucky indeed!!.

On Saturday evening, we were invited to some other friends for dinner.These are the people we lent our tent to a while back.
They have been doing their house up for the last three’s a major job, and they haven’t had a kitchen...well, they have got a sort of kitchen type thing muddled in with another room. They have no cooker and the sink is out in the pool house.
We had a lovely evening and I managed to cook pasta and garlic bread on the barbeque for them. I love it when you get invited round for dinner and end up having to cook it, although in our friends defence, the husband did come and help light the BBQ and the wife heated the sauces in the microwave. It was a lovely relaxed evening with lots of chit chat and all muddling in together.

I have spent the whole weekend not cooking...pure bliss!!
On Sunday, we were invited for Sunday lunch at some other friends...we’ve got lots of then you see lol. We had champagne to celebrate the good news. Even the girls had some, which they thought very growd up!
Kathy is a very good cook and does perfect roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings. We had a lovely afternoon playing on the wii and mucking around with their puppy.

Ady mentioned that he hadn’t pissed himself all weekend and that he must be doing really well.
I said that it was because he has sat on his arse all weekend doing nothing and being waited on hand and foot. Kathy and Roy thought I was being horrible to him, but, as usual, the woman is always right and today as he is moving about a bit more, he is pissing for England!

It’s been a really lovely few days. The good news about joining the zero club, sainsburys vouchers, tesco shops, dinner on Saturday evening and lunch on Sunday. Oh well, back to reality now. The girls are on half term, and the house is trashed already!

We are Emma, Ady, Charlotte and Stephanie and we live at:
<0.1 Piss Street,

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