Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Gloves Are Off.

This whole benefits saga is getting me very down so excuse me while I have a bloody good rant.
*big breath in*
Oh, actually, I can’t be bothered. I feel worn down by it all. I was tired of fighting them every step of the way and getting nowhere. Tired of phoning every other day to be put on hold endlessly and eventually speak to someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about half the time.
Tired of worry about the girls, Ady, money, work, the house and all the rest.
With everything going on, why should I have to battle with the benefits office. Its not our fault we are in this situation. We didn’t ask to be. We don’t want to be either.
You would have thought that the benefits system is there for those in need. It doesn’t seem to be for us. I have done everything they have asked of me and more, why can’t they sort it?
How do they expect us to live?
I tried to call the other day and ended up on hold for over half an hour. I ended hanging up.
I was so furious about it that I ended up shouting at the children and Ady and taking it all out on them. I immediately felt terrible about it as it isn’t their fault and it isn’t my fault. It is the situation  and pressure that the benefits office are putting us under.
This is more stressful than the cancer and what is to come with that..far more stressful actually.

I decided that the next day I would insist on speaking to a manager as this simply can’t continue.
I rang at 9am and got straight through. I spose all the dossers don’t get out of bed until lunch time. Silly me, I should have rung early sooner.
I was promised yet another call back within three hours and this time it would be from a manager. Three hours came and went, and no call. I was bloody furious so I rang again to ask where my call back had got to. I was them promised a call back within an hour.
Four hours later, I got my three hour call back, but it wasn’t the manager, what a surprise. The man, who was very nice and understanding, told me that the manager had asked him to call me to make things better. He told me that the decision makers had decided that we could have the benefits and that our claim was sitting on someone’s desk waiting to be put into the computer so it could tell us what we are entitled to.
He told me that we will be hearing very very soon and agreed with me that it is an appalling state of affairs.
Well, over a week later and still nothing.
I am hopping bloody mad...so hopping mad that I have written a letter to the manager of the benefits office and sent it today by recorded delivery. I have emailed my MP with a copy of the letter and a link to my blog to pass to Iain Duncan Smith, and I want to speak to David Cameron.

I have had bloody well enough now!
My letter is in my next blog.

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