Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Still no Sympathy.

I had better catch up with the notes I made on my last blog, so I don’t forget.

Further back in the blog, is a picture of us all, taken at our friends Dave and Sue’s wedding where Ady was best man. The guy that took the picture was really nice and did them for free and emailed them to me especially. The photo guy went to see Dave and Sue, to give them their album. During conversation, he asked how Ady was. They were chatting away and Dave was saying about how he and Ady went to school together and have known each other for yonks. The camera guy was very shocked and said that he thought Ady was my dad and our children were his grand children!
We are not sure if I look extremely young, or Ady looks old and knackered.....I like to think that I look extremely young of course.

Ady has been feeling absolutely shattered lately and has been sleeping a lot during the day. He has been given extra Thyroxine for his underactive thyroid, which has improved his extreme need for immediate sleep. He came downstairs the other morning and told me about his dreams he has been having.
They are always about either his childhood or dead people.
His latest one was about his aunties, uncles and parents, who have all died in real life by the way. Anyway, they were all going on a holiday together, but Ady wasn’t allowed to go with them. He really didn’t want them to go, so spent his time rushing around trying to make it really difficult for them while they were getting the caravan ready. He was trying to break things and ruin the carpet and generally make life difficult. He was thinking of everything he could do to stop them from going. The relatives were insistent that they were going and couldn’t see what his problem was. In his dream, he was in a terrible state.
There was another one about cows in a field and they kept getting out. He was rushing around trying to put them all back in the correct field. Once he got the first lot in the field, the second lot would get out and it would go on and on all night....bloody hell, no wonder he is so knackered during the day with all that rushing around and angst !

He hates having all these dreams, especially of his dead relatives that seems so real. He finds the cow dream just silly!.
He woke in the night in the middle of the relatives dream and wanted to cuddle up, but then decided against it, just in case he pissed all over me.

We were all chatting the other day about general stuff, and up came the subject of funerals and music. Ady said that he would like the theme tune to Magnificent Seven as he is coming in to the crematorium, Mission Impossible as he is going down and a CD of Steph singing as we are all going out. Personally, I want everyone in fancy dress at mine and ‘Come on baby light my fire’ as I am going down, but each to their own.

Now, I am a bit worried that I may have given the impression that my children are little angels at all times. Well, I must tell you about the time when Steph had a fall from grace and I went completely mental in a bellowing kind of way. I can’t remember what she had done so wrong, but it was bellow worthy so it must have been serious...probably answering back or something teenageish. Anyway, I bellowed at her while she was down stairs, you know, the kind that all mothers do when they are losing the plot and going mental..hmm, perhaps it’s just me then, or you are in denial?
She then went upstairs when I had finished and left me thinking of all the other things she had done wrong recently. So off I went, marching upstairs. I stood at the top of the stairs bellowing towards her bedroom for a few minutes (probably asking her who she thought she was and does she speak to her teachers like that...that sort of thing). When I had finished, I turned around to stomp back downstairs, and there she was...in my room behind me !!
Well, I looked at her as if I knew she was there all along and stomped downstairs. I thought, buggerations, and now I look a right prat !
Steph reminded me about it the other day in the car and we had a jolly good laugh about it !

Quite a few people have been saying to me “Emma, don’t forget to look after yourself and have some ‘me’ time”. I was going to not play in the netball team I play for over the winter, so that I could be at home looking after everyone, but I decided that that would be my ‘me’ time people think I should have, and anyway, I love playing netball with the girls, besides, it’s only on a Monday evening.
We play in division two and I play goal attack. We are not a bad team as it happens. Well, last yesterday, I was merrily playing and enjoying my ‘me’ time. We were nearing the end of the game and we were winning by a few goals. The ball was being passed to me as I was running down the court with the goal defence hot on my heels. I jumped to catch the ball and as I came down, I landed on the goal defences foot and my ankle twisted right over...not a little bit, but RIGHT over and as it did, It felt as if there was a load of bubble wrap in my ankle that was popping. Christ that was agony!
So I lay in a heap on the floor muttering things like, bugger, bugger, shit, shit, Christ this hurts. It then dawned on me that it was my ankle JOINT...I don’t ‘do’ joints at all and the very thought of it made me feel very faint. The girls noticed I had gone white, so they laid me on my back and lifted my feet above my head.
Eventually, they got me off the court. I have never felt so much agony before and all I could think of was how I was going to work and look after Ady and the girls. I couldn’t even put my foot to the floor!
I managed to get home, and hobbled indoors. My foot was all swollen so I sat in the sitting room moaning and groaning about how painful it all was.
Ady went outside and made me a walking stick and a coffee, bless him.

This morning, I was in complete agony. My whole foot had locked into place and it was even more swollen!
Ady said “Bloody hell, High Command is down, how are we going to cope now?!”
He took me off to A&E and dropped me outside. I hopped to the reception bit while he parked the car.
Ady came in complaining that he had pulled a muscle in him bum as he was getting out of the car. I told him that it wasn’t about him today, it’s all about me and my foot! His reply to that was “Bollocks”. Bollocks as in what a load of rubbish type bollocks, not ‘Oh dear’ type bollocks.
Anyway, we saw a nurse and went off to x-ray.  I had about 3 pictures taken and was carted back to the nurse in my wheelchair. She had a look at them and said that they looked fine and no broken bones. “Are you sure?” I said “Oh yes” She said “You have sprained it and you need to keep it moving”
Can you believe it; she sent me home without any crutches, bandages, or plaster cast...nothing. Well, I am sure she has got the whole thing completely wrong and I am waiting for the call to say they have made a grave mistake, a doctor has had another look and it is very seriously broken. In fact, I am quite sure it is shattered into tiny pieces.

Needless to say, no sympathy has been forth coming, and of course Ady is in agony now because his pulled bum muscle seems to have trapped a nerve and the pain is travelling down his leg. Of course he is in MUCH more pain than me !
I have hobbled around so much, that I have now pulled the muscle in my left leg. But never mind, High Command is back up and running...well, hobbling actually.

We are off to see the piss nurse and the arse people next week. J

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