Tuesday, 29 November 2011

More Attention!

I have been neglecting my blog lately because a few bits have been going on and what with that and general life mixed in, to be honest, I feel absolutely shattered and drained at the moment. I don’t mind telling you that I have not been sleeping well over the last week, but anyway, that’s to be expected, so let’s crack on.

Now, firstly, I made myself a lovely mug of coffee the other day.’ So what’, you might think. Well, as I sat down to enjoy it, I picked up my mobile phone to check for any missed texts or calls, as you do, and the bloody thing slipped out of my hand and right into my mug of coffee. Not just a little bit in, but RIGHT the way into my mug, covering the whole thing with coffee. So, after I said bugger damn and blast, I put it on the radiator cos I didn’t have any rice.
The poor little thing was completely dead which was a shame, cos I liked that phone.
Thanks to my lovely forum friends, I was able to get myself a new one for £39.99. Thank you J
But, of course, nothing is ever simple anymore. My car was in for a service and MOT that day and so Ady took me into town. I suggested that he dropped me off and drove around the block while I quickly got the phone, but he decided that he wanted to come to the shops with me. I hate and detest shopping, but Ady enjoys wandering around aimlessly looking in the windows..very strange. He was a bit put out when I made it quite clear that I was going to the phone shop ONLY and then straight home, but he came anyway.
We got into the shop and a lady came to help us. My old phone wasn’t on the wall thingy and I said that I wanted one the same and did they have any out the back. She went off to look and came back with two boxes. One was the same as my old phone and the other was a different one...erm, yeah, so we sat down and she set the phone up. The lady was a little bit, well, she kept making the odd mistake and saying that she was sure she was going a bit mad to which we politely laughed. She zapped the box with the zappy thing so I could pay for the phone and told me it was £29.99. I thought to myself, ‘well, I am not going to argue with you’ and gave her £30.00. We sat back down because I wanted to talk to her about Steph’s phone and she came back and started checking the boxes and asking to look at my receipt because she thought she had made a mistake and knew she was going mad.
She realised that she had zapped the wrong box, so ended up trying to refund what I had just paid, but the computer kept saying ‘no’, but 20 minutes later she managed it and I had to give her an extra £10.00 By the time she had buggered about with it all and tooing and froing, our parking ticked was about to expire, so we didn’t have time to discuss Steph’s phone and off we went.
Well, blow me down, we were walking back to the car and my phone rang. It was the lady from the phone shop asking me if I had the other phone she had brought for me to see in my bag. Bloody cheeky bint!
I shall go in to the shop in a few days and politely ask her if she found the phone she accused me of stealing....how bloody dare she! But I’ve built me a bridge and got over it now.

Now, three weeks on and my ankle still has some swelling and is still quite painful at times, but I have decided that I won’t be mentioning it anymore, because every time I do, Ady has to go one better!
Not content with having cancer, arthritis, underactive thyroid, diabetes and high blood pressure, last Saturday evening, Ady mentioned that he thought his tooth was a bit tingly and did I think his cheek was starting to swell. Well, I spose it was a little bit if you got the magnifying glass out, but nothing major.
Well, bloody hell, by Sunday morning, he looked as if I had smacked him across the face with a cricket bat in the night!
All of one side of his face was swollen, his eye was all puffy and he looked a right mess.
“I think it may be my tooth” he said
“Hmmm” I thought, “Is this a job for the dentist or the doctor” It was a bit of a conundrum but after I had tried to get hold of the dentist with no luck, and anyway, God alone knows where Dentaline is these days. It used to be in our town, but I think they have moved to Mongolia or somewhere similar in a money saving effort. We also agreed that antibiotics were needed and that perhaps the best person to prescribe these would be a GP under the circumstances.
So, I phoned the out of hours service whose office has been moved next door to Mongolia I suspect. They then got a GP to ring and speak to Ady, who then had to get the receptionist to ring back to give us an appointment. What a blooming faff, but we managed to get to the out of hours surgery for our appointment.
The GP we saw was really lovely and funnily, turned out to be a bowel cancer specialisty man, so we ended up having a good chat about bowel cancer and prostate cancer and different treatments and wotnot.
Ady said that his swelling wasn’t particularly painful but it was making him feel unwell and a bit sicky so the lovely GP man gave him two different lots of torpedo style antibiotics and some co codamol.
His face swelled more during the day, enough to make his eye nearly close. He usually takes Ibuprofen for his aches and pains, but this particular day, for some reason, decided not to take any and to just take the co codamol. That was fine, until he woke me up in the middle of the night in agony with his arms and wrists from arthritis pain *sigh*
Ady has decided that co codamol is crap and he is sticking with Ibuprofen from now on!

He woke up this morning with a whole load of gunk coming out of his eye “Oh look Em, I think the infection is coming out through my eye”....How bloody disgusting first thing in the morning just as I am waking up!
He went off to the dentist who told him that she thinks his crown has a fracture. She can’t do anything with him all the time the infection is there so he has to wait until 13th December to have the tooth taken out. Blimey, I’d rather him than me, that’s for sure.

So there you have it. You would think that we would enjoy the lull before the storm, but no, yet again, Ady gets all the attention and I have to hobble along quietly with my ankle.

We are Emma, Ady, Charlotte and Stephanie and we live at

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