Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Google, Biopsies and Urologists.

All over the weekend, I googled and googled and googled, so much so that all the links had gone purple instead of blue...there were no more links left to click on !!
I didn't like what I was reading at all, so I phoned my friend Dubs to see if she was reading the same as me...bugger it all, she was.
We decided that if one had the choice between colon cancer and prostate cancer, one would choose colon because it is curable, prostate cancer not so...but those who didn't know much about it, would probably chose prostate because it is thought of as an old mans disease and something you tend to die with and not of..I wonder what the men who die every hour would think of that...that is one man every hour who dies OF prostate cancer and not WITH it...
My husband is 51 now...that's not old !!

We had a call from the hospital to say Ady's appointment with the Urologist was on the Thursday, so that was within a week of the PSA test...not bad going !
Oh yes, our GP had had a twiddle up Adys arse and couldn't find anything wrong.

Off we go to the hospital and after a bit of waiting around, we were shown into the consultants room where Ady was asked to remove his bottom half and lay on the bed. I sat on the chair the other side of the curtain.

A minute or so later, a stubby man walked in without saying a word, took some gloves out of the box on the wall and as he was walking behind the curtain, confirmed Adys name and promptly shoved his finger up his arse with no warning !!, rummaged around a bit and walked out. On his way out of the door, he said something about biopsies. Ady asked if he thought there was anything wrong and he just shouted 'NO' from the room next door.
Well feck my old boots, he certainly isn't  like our lovely Mr B and his colon team that's for sure !!

We were so horrified at his treatment that we complained to the nurses. They were quite embarrassed about it and took us into another room to explain the proceedings.

A biopsy was arranged for the next Thursday, so we went to collect the antibiotics to take for during and after the procedure.

Ady said that he had been through enough over the last year and really didn't need this treatment and could I see if we could change consultants *sigh*
I phoned our GP and told him what had happened and he said that try and keep with him until diagnosis and if Ady still isn't happy then we can change.

Right, so, off we went for the biopsies...this time, they were shoving a big rod thing up his arse. (Dubs says that Ady has had more anal action that a gay man could dream of and that next time I ought to send him in with a porn mag so he can at least get some pleasure out of the experience).

Ady didn't like the biopsies and by the time they had got to the last 3 , he was going to ask them to stop before he was sick. He said the noise reminded him of when a farmer ear tags cattle, the difference being that they had a gun thing up his arse with a needle saying 'left a bit' and then 'bang' 'right a bit.....no, down' and then 'bang' and taking pieces of his prostate for examination.

Christ, I am glad I am a woman !!!!!


  1. That Dubs woman is SO funny.

  2. Oh, from Weezy BTW ;)

    And Tanky - brilliant blog xxx

  3. Dubs is a bit put out that I didn't mention about the support she has given and only mentioned the sexual comments. The thing is, is that I would have mentioned the support, but all she has done is take the piss !!!