Friday, 19 August 2011

The MRI Scan.

So, 11th July came and went and the bone scan was done. We had to wait until 29th July to have the MRI scan which was 6 weeks after the biopsy and 8 weeks since the PSA test at the doctors. We didn't get any of these results until 9th August. That is TWO months of tests and waiting until you find out what is REALLY going on and EIGHT weeks of knowing that the consultant was not very happy with the size of the prostate in relation to the PSA number so had ordered scans...that's a lot of waiting and worrying, thinking of the worst, thinking of the best and is also a lot of listening about other peoples great aunts cancer stories and their survival, consoling other people who are very upset at the news, peoples opinions about how we are reacting and how we are dealing with the children, and people saying about their grandfathers prostate cancer that was 'fine'.
At this point, I forgot to say this earlier when I was going on about Gleason scores and stuff, generally speaking, as you get older, the less aggressive the cancer generally is, and the less likely it is going to kill older, I mean 70's and 80's, not 40's, 50's and 60's. If you are younger, it is usually more aggressive. This is broadly speaking of course and just what I am sussing though my good friend Mr Google !

We decided that waiting for the bone scan results was just TOO much, and as I noticed on the wall of the bone scan place that results would be with the consultant in ten days, I thought, stuff this, and asked our GP how we could go about finding out the results. He said that we could phone the consultant to which I replied " You must be joking, I am scared of him !", so our lovely GP said not to worry, cos he wasn't, and so he would get them and ring us ...PHEW !!!
A week later, he phoned to say that the bone scan was clear...did you read that? that's right CLEAR I tell you !!!!!! We were very very happy...I would put a few more verys in there, but that's just childish !!

So, back to the MRI scan. We knew it wasn't in his bones, but didn't know if it had spread outside the prostate, but the bones bit was a relief.
Now, some people find MRI scans quite scary and claustrophobic, whereas Ady was quite looking forward to it...his arse was safe, no needles or nuclear waste, just magnets this time.
Ady can sleep anywhere, at any time (which irritates me actually) and he can even sleep in the dentist chair having root canal treatment, whereas I am on the edge of my seat, dripping with sweat, the moment they ask me to open my mouth for a check up !!
He said that the bed was a bit hard, and he would have slept but they kept waking him saying "keep still, keep very very still, just 3 minutes this one", and then a load of whirring, clunking and knocking....Ady would drift off again and then " Just one and a half minutes, keep very very still...very very still", he thought, I am keeping bloody still, how still do you want me to be !!, and about half an hour of keeping very very still, very still, it was over.
We decided to make the most of the evening and so we went out for dinner at the Harvester. I like the Harvester cos you can eat lots of salad to make yourself feel all healthy before you stuff your face with a huge platter of grease.....we had a nice time anyway.

11 days to go for the real results !!

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