Sunday, 21 August 2011

Nearly call day.

I am a bit stuck with what to write for my first sentence. Ady is in the sitting room watching some 'lets all murder everyone' war film, that he has probably watched a thousand times before, Charlotte is in the shower...again, Steph is singing Adele songs in her room trying to perfect the right sounds, the hamster is rolling around in its ball, getting itself stuck in different places and Ollie the rescue cat is wanting some all normal here,
We have had a lovely weekend, and were invited out to dinner on Saturday evening by our friends. They did invite us for lunch last week, but Ady felt so ill, we couldn't go.
Ady does their gardening for them (so actually they are people he works for but have become our friends) and they are bloody nice people..... They treat Ady really well and we often take the piss out of them about how they are Londeners with far too much money and no clue as to how to live in the countryside.
Over dinner, they were talking about buying a tent so their children could camp in it for a few nights over the weekend in the garden/field by the pool. We told them that we had a tent we would very happily lend wont be as posh as the one they would probably buy, but if they are camping, then they should slum it a bit and get with the real world!.
They took us up on our offer ( which was really nice that we could give THEM something for a change) and so we turned up with the tent.
I opened the bag, and we all placed the tent where they wanted it put up, and then I started putting it up. I put the whole thing up by myself, because they have never put a tent up before and didn't know where to start and every time I asked Ady to help, he stood there saying "I've got cancer ya know, I can't do anything", to which I replied " You're not dead yet, so grab that bloody pole!"..he soon started helping !

Other than that, my sister Camilla popped round this morning for a coffee and chat which was nice, Steph has been swimming with her cousins, and Charlotte has been to Hobby Craft to get more making sticking and glueing things for her horse collection, I have bought and delivered Betty's shopping (my elderly lady I look after) so she is sorted for when I am on holiday next week and Ady has generally pottered with his chickens and compared ailments with the neighbours.

In the car on the way out on Saturday evening, Ady said to the girls "Girls, careful what you say, cos your mother's gonna blog it"'s been a really peaceful weekend !

OOh, we have the chief exec from the PCT or wherever phoning tomorrow (I have her number)....hmmm, wonder if it will be Medway or Maidstone......

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