Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The six monthly tumor marker test.

Ady continued to recover brilliantly over the next few months, and by March, he was able to return to work full time, full of strength. You would never have known he had had cancer if you saw him !!
His GP was very pleased with him and said he had done all the right things and followed the medics advice and there is no reason why life shouldn't return to normal.
So, off Ady went, with his boots and hoe and continued with his gardening jobs which everyone had saved for him. He didn't lose one customer over the last six months !!!

April came, and it was time for the tumor marker test to see if cancer is present in his body.
Now,if you are like me, you would automatically think that the blood test is an all encompassing test relating to all cancers, and that if the test is clear, then he is cancer free....this is not so !!! You have to do different tests for different cancers. The test for colon cancer is a CEA test.
Ady had the test done and had to wait a few weeks to see the consultant for the results. His GP thought this a bit unfair to make him wait and so rang him to tell him not to worry, the results had come back, and that he was clear...wasn't that nice of him !!! he's a lovely man, our new GP !

So, life pretty much carried on as normal. The girls went to school, Ady went to work and so did I. The benefits were cancelled and that was that. Ady was best man at his friends wedding in July, and we were all very much looking forward to it. There was a time when Dave and Sue ( the couple getting married) had someone else on standby, in case Ady didn't make it. You've got to plan these things !!!

Things were going so well, that we thought that we had had a crap year and so lets have a small family holiday for a week.
Herm Island was booked for the end of August.

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