Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Piddle problems and the PSA test

April and the beginning of May were great. Ady was feeling really well and was back to work. He was enjoying the sunshine. Charlotte was enjoying school and had really settled well with lots of friends and Steph was looking forward to leaving primary school and moving on. I was also into a good routine with my work and was getting the finances in order, finally.
Ady came home from work one day and said that he would be working one minute and the next he would think 'Oh Christ...PISS, I need a PISS' and sprint for the loo. We put it down to perhaps it was the surgery and everything settling down. he spoke to his GP and he agreed.
So the next week, he came home with wet clothes and very annoyed that he hadn't managed to get to the loo in time and had pissed himself...luckily, our Ady does like to carry a spare wardrobe of clothes around with him in the car, so he was able to change.
He went and saw our lovely GP who is young, with it and happening with all the latest stuff who sent him off for a PSA test (Prostate Specific Antigen).
We weren't bothered about it, nor knew what it meant...we were happy he had had his tumor marker and was 'cancer free'.
The blood test was on the Thursday and on the Friday morning 3rd June, our GP phoned Ady to ask what he was doing that day and could he come in at the end of afternoon surgery to see him...there is something not quite right with your blood, he said...Oh,and Emma can come too if you like....hmmmmmm

Off to the doctors we went, and he explained about PSA tests and asked if we knew anything about the prostate...I knew it is the mans 'oohh la la ' bit, but I didn't like to embarrass them, so I kept quiet.

He explained that Ady's levels should read about 2 and the hospital had faxed Adys through at an immediate reading of 27 !!
So, things were put into place and Ady was to see a urologist within two weeks.
Having been here before, we knew that the two week bit meant he suspected cancer..FFS, so we talked about that and our lovely GP seemed very upset for Ady and shook his hand and patted him on the back saying ring the surgery and let me know what they say.
We went back home a bit stunned, but decided not to say too much to the children at this point, just in case he doesn't have cancer...again...we didn't want to worry them.

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