Thursday, 15 September 2011

Back Home

I woke up this morning stretched right across the bed with all the cats scattered around me...pure bliss !..and then I realised that I had woken half an hour late !!
I shot out of bed and woke the girls who were sleeping soundly and realised that bugger it all, I have all Ady’s jobs to do as well as my own!
I made sure the girls had the right books in their bags, sorted lunches, breakfasts, PE kits, drama clothes and dancing clothes, fed the cats, turned the fish bubbles on and made sure they had made it through the night without the cats hooking them out of their pond, let the chicken out and fed them and cleaned the litter tray because our disgusting cat called Princess of all names (she is a rescue cat) has decided that she can only shit in a tray that is outside !
We all got in the car at 7.30 and drove to school.
Ady phoned when I got home and said that he had had a good night sleep but he sounded very husky. He said his throat was sore and dry. I told him it was probably that air tube thing they shoved down it to keep him breathing I expect. He was happy with that explanation and proceeded to tell me about all the other people in his ward, what they were in for, how long they had been there for and who visited them and when.....”So you have settled in well then” I said, He then went on to tell me all the nurses names and what they were all like, who was nice and who wasn’t...bloody hell, he had only been there a few hours !!

During the morning, my friend Yan came round to see me, and then came my sister Catherine, and then came my other friend Sarah. It was very nice to see them all in between answering calls and texts from various people wanting updates.

Ady then rang and said they had removed his drainage tube and that I could come and get him and the nurses were doing the paperwork ready for his release ! He had been seen by the surgeons second in command and he was very pleased with him and can carry on getting better at home.
Off I went, back to Maidstone. The nurse came along and explained about his catheter, and how to attach the night bag to the day this point, Ady was looking a bit confused, so I told him it is no different to the attachments on his hosepipe in the garden. Of course he completely understood that !
We were given some dressings so I can change them in a few days and keep an eye on things and told that under NO circumstances must his catheter be removed for at least two weeks and that if we have problems with blockage or anything, we must make sure they know that.

So that’s it, Ady is back home after all that, and is wandering around the house tapping his bag and showing me, saying “Do you think I should empty it now?”..I have two weeks at least of this !
He occasionally says “Blimey, this bags is filling up quickly, do you think it is alright?”
I can’t wait to attach his day bag to his night bag...having OCD and checking the taps are open really isn’t a good mix. I have already decided that he can wake me only once to get me to check it, after that I will  threaten to give it a good tugging !
  We were originally told that we would be seeing the consultant in two weeks to get the histology results and the nurse at the same time to see if the catheter can be removed. Now we are only seeing the nurse, but have to phone our GP for the histology results. Ady then has his PSA test in six weeks to see if he is cancer free, that is when we see the consultant.

Thank God this bit is all over with. Hopefully it is now just the recovery. We will think about everything else when the time comes that we need to think about it but for the moment, we will concentrate on getting his bladder healed and working again.

We are Emma.Ady, Charlotte and Stephanie, and we live at
Prostateless Avenue,

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