Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Surgery Part 2

Well, just as I pressed 'submit' on my last blog, full of worry, woe and angst, the phone rang.
It was Mr D the surgeon, phoning to say that the operation had gone well and that he had managed to do keyhole surgery !!!  Did you read that right? Yes Bloody KEYHOLE SURGERY !!!!!!!!!

I was so busy thinking blimey bloody noras, you did keyhole?, the one thing they all said couldn't be done??, you are one good surgeon !, that I missed everything else he was saying, but I think he said it all went much better than he expected and that Ady was in recovery and would be on the ward in about an hour.

I completely forgot to ask any questions like, did he think he had got it all and did he remove any lymph nodes and did they look suspicious, but that can wait until we see him again. For the moment, we will enjoy being SO happy that everything went well. You have to grab every bit of happiness you can on this ride !

I told the girls what had happened and it was lovely to see them so happy, they were bouncing off the walls !

So, we shut everything up in the house and put the animals away, and drove off to Maidstone.
Oh, my, God, the girls were SO loud, singing away, screaming and laughing and generally being two very very happy girls indeed.

When we got to the hospital, ( the girls know to be on best and quiet behavior when visiting)  Ady was still in recovery, so we waited around, and while we were waiting, Mr D walked past, so he stopped and shook the girls hands and had a chat with them. They went all shy and polite which made me chuckle.
I am SO bloody proud of my children. They are under a lot of strain, more than any child should be I think, and they are handling all of it so well !
Then they wheeled Ady out. He looked bloody well for someone who had just had surgery !!
They settled him into the ward and gave him something to eat. He still cant believe he had keyhole !

We left after a little while to let him get some rest and came home.

The girls have now gone to bed...its been a day full of mixed emotions for them. They must be shattered !

It pays to fight for what you want. We could have ended up at Medway, travelling for 3 hours and 60 odd miles a day for a week and Ady could have had open surgery as keyhole was thought to be out of the question.

We fought hard for the hospital we wanted, and ended up with that hospital, a different, more approachable surgeon and keyhole surgery, home tomorrow. Funny how things turn out in the end isn't it.

We have a long road ahead. Ady has his catheter in for two weeks minimum and then has to work hard to regain his continence. In two weeks, we will find out the histology on the prostate. We will get a proper staging and gleason score (they sometimes go up a notch after surgery when they have the whole thing to look at and not just snippets from a biopsy). Six weeks later will be his first PSA test which should come back as undetectable. If there is PSA there, then he still has cancer and radiotherapy will be on the cards.

But for now, we will enjoy the happiness of knowing that everything went well today in the end.

Me, Ady, Charlotte and Stephanie will all sleep very well tonight ! xx


  1. So happy for you all :) Sounds like you have a great surgeon there. Well done Ady, bet you'll all sleep easier tonight xx

  2. Great news ... I bet Ady was massively relieved when he woke up not to feel a massive scar :)
    I hope he's up and out soon .... not until all that air they pumped into him has dispersed though ... it'd be like being in a rocket propelled car :p !!??!!

  3. Like you say it's still a long road up ahead but what fantastic news & for now enjoy the good news.. I for one am still praying for continued good news xxxx

  4. I actually got grit in my eyes reading this.
    I really hope and pray that it's all good news from now on. God knows you all deserve it. xxx

  5. Aw, what fabulous news! So so happy that you've had yet another positive outcome.

    Beth xxx