Wednesday, 21 September 2011

One Week On.

Right, let me have a think about what has been happening this week.....

Ady seems to have got the hang of the whole catheter thing and very luckily for him, he has not pissed anywhere apart from in his bag !
He did have a rather excruciating pain in his willy the other day, and came to me doubled up in pain, but I think he was passing a bit of sediment through the tube. I made him drink plenty more water to flush it all through and he has been fine ever since.
When he first came home, not very many people rang or called round, in fact the first couple of days, no one did. Ady was a bit miffed about that, but we agreed that firstly, some people don’t think prostate cancer is a biggie, secondly, some people think that because he has had keyhole, he will be as right as rain and thirdly, they are probably getting all the info they need from this blog!
Mind you, he was so washed out that he would have had trouble staying awake for visitors anyway. Of course, on Sunday, the world and his wife rolled up at the door and we had a very busy day with lots of laughing, piss taking and people coming and going. He slept all day on Monday !
Since he has been home, Ady has been walking around like a ruptured duck and saying that this op has taken more out of him than the last one. He feels like he has been battered around the guts 47 times with a baseball bat. I had to remind him that although he doesn’t have the big cut down his belly to show, they have done the same inside as what they would have done if it was open surgery.
If anyone asks him how he is, he immediately lifts his top to show his four dressings and then says “Not too bad thanks” and I think to myself, for Gods sake, don’t pull your trousers down and show them your catheter as well !

My sister Diana came to visit yesterday, and she asked Ady what he thought of my blog. He said that he didn’t mind at all and ‘if it keeps the wife happy’ then thats OK. He said “They should all know what I am bloody well going through, from my piss problems, crapping problems and everything that goes with this cancer”

He has hopefully got one more week with the catheter and then he moves onto pads. “That will be when I have problems with you pissing on my settee” I said “Oh its OK “ He said “I was thinking about that and I think I might wear my work waterproofs and put an elastic band around the ankles to hold it all in”...Oh dear God help me, I thought !!
I have been feeding Ady lots of fruit and prunes to keep his bowels moving because the last thing you want, is straining when you have a catheter in. As it is, he bypasses urine and gunk when a poo is passing by (which I understand is normal in these situations), but the last thing we want is a nasty explosion in the bathroom, which by the way, was beginning to smell a bit like a sluice in an old peoples home until I bought some febreeze and bleach.
Last Saturday, I was shopping in Morrisons, feeling a bit gloomy and wondering what to cook for tea.
I decided to get all the random bits and pieces that are knocking around out of the freezer, cook it all and put it on the table and we would have ‘snatch ‘n’ grab’...our posh friends call it ‘pick what you like’ ffs, anyway, Steph sent me a text to tell me that my lovely friend Moo had popped in to see us and had brought a chicken casserole and apple crumble. Isn’t she lovely! So I stopped feeling sorry for myself and realised that I have no reason to, I don’t have cancer (I don’t think) and actually, I am a lucky girl in lots of ways.
Moo’s crumble was so lovely, the girls have asked her to do another one.
She even dropped by yesterday with a spaghetti bolognaise which we are having for tea tonight.
We are blessed with some really lovely people in our lives J

Bless the benefits system and all who sail in her...we hadn’t heard anything from them after I took the trouble to fill out the 52 page form they sent, then yesterday they sent another form to fill out for self employed people..they also want a set of accounts *yawn* and say we probably wont start getting anything until around 5th October. I will make the last £47 we have left in the bank stretch !

So that’s it at the moment really. Ady is recovering very slowly  but surely and life carries on. I am off to my childrens old primary school to do the netball after school club as a volunteer, Ady is watching afternoon TV inbetween dozes, Steph will be on her way home soon and Charlotte is doing an after school club so will be late. No doublt she will ring for me to pick her up cos she wont want to get the bus!

Next week, I should have more to write about because Ady might have his catheter out and we also might get the histology report on the offending prostate.
We are Emma Ady Charlotte and Stephanie and we live at
Prostateless Avenue,
Piss City,